Hammett’s Plots

Today is Thursday and it’s wet out there. From my cosy café here in downtown Copenhagen I’m trying to not enjoy the spectacle outside of people hurrying past striving not to get too wet. But to no avail, I’m afraid.

While I’m writing this the wetness seems to shapeshift from a drizzle over sleet to snowy and then back again.

Luckily here’s no papers laying around, whence I feel free to not comment on the dreary drudge of Danish pre-election politics this particular afternoon.

In the last post I told about an apparantly lucky find from the odds-and-ends box in a large photo store here in our small capital. A seemingly very nice Sigma 24mm ‘superwide’ lens for my autofocus Nikon (it turned out it kind of had a problem with dirt in the focusing thread).

But yesterday when I looked inside to say hello I met mostly blank faces with eyes that seemed to evade looking my way.

Now, why is that? I have to suspect that at least one DeepState puppet employed in that very shop scrutinize my blog posts regularly and closely.

And I know for a fact the DeepState (also called TPTB) certainly has as one of it’s strategies to economically starve their thoughtful critics.

Like said before (link 1), it’s proved itself to be an elusive task for the DeepState to outright have me assassinated or kidnapped, partly or perhaps even mostly due to my modest gift of clairvoyance.

Hence the urgency to employ other, more devious and roundabout ways and means. Among which the politics of starving you economically perhaps is held to be the most effective and important, although certanly not the only one.

In an earlier blog post (link 2) I’ve told a bit about how the government a few years ago illegally and arbitrarily held back my housing benefit (rent assistance) for abt. 16 months, amounting to nearly $5,000.

Incidentally, the govt. seems to have begun playing this game again as an adjustment upward of my rent assistance due to increased rent and duly reported by me almost 6 months ago (and duly reminded), – is simply ignored by the accountable agency (‘UdbetalingDanmark’ – that informed you, that a processing delay of 6 weeks was to be expected!).

And as told, this agency – like the Danes’ much beloved Secret Police (they even call it their PET!) – is way above and outside insight and effective oversigt. Furthermore you cannot complain to anyone except the agency itself. Brave new democracy – the rule in which you are totally at the mercy of ubiquitous and multifarious rogue power abusers! (Note 1)

As a curious aside: One of my neighbours with whom I used to discuss such matters (and who seems to have reported concurrently with myself), has reportedly and arbitrarily got too large an increase in rent assistance. Very nearly about as much, I believe, as I’ve (until now) been cheated out of?

It may or may not be of weight that said gentleman should perhaps be suspected to likely be a snitch for the Secret Police (PET) or Mozzard – whence payment for rendered services?

But we’re here touching upon another well known strategy: That of isolating you from friends, family and neighbours. One tool is to hire as many of your friends as possible as snitches for a Secret Police agency, Danish or alien.

Of course only very, very few are able to resist if rouge agents from a rouge agency (with a fancy name) approach you with a request to help them spy on your friends and other ‘dangerous elements’ (- i.e. the clever and undounted critics).

For instance my old ‘friend’ – in fact my best friend for at least a decade – as recent as day before yesterday again (and again and again) tried to lure me on an outing in his fancy car. He’s obviously long since sprung out as a Mozzard puppet. In a way you can’t blame him, perhaps, as it may run in the family?

Still the sheer evil almost knocks you off your feet.

Another strategy, of course, is to simply assassinate or in other ways seriously harass your friends. For instance I wonder what happened to Gunnar Buchmann and Morten O.?

I also wonder who ordered the (obvious) arson house fires of my then perhaps two closest friends in Hilleroed and Roskilde? (link 3)

And who croaked the – old and sick to be sure – girlfriend of a neighbour? The ‘plan’ could obviously be to lure myself up in said neighbour’s lonely cottage. And – as I’ve touched on earlier (link 4) – that’s exactly what happened, or could have happened, as the first thing said to me after the grisly death was ‘now you have to go with me up to my cottage instad of her’.

Well – you couldn’t make this sh*t up!

Could go on and on – there’s really no end to the evil that reveal itself almost everywhere when morals in society collapse more or less completely.

Link 1.

Link 2.

Link 3.

Link 4.

But back to life. Last Sunday was the closing day of the dutch sale of old books in the Heilig-Geist Church House.

The closing price was 10 Kr. ($1.50) and I had in fact considered not to attend on account, mostly, of my cramped quarters at home and a rather tight budget.

However I decided to take a short look if only to learn if two small booklets I had noticed the other day were still there.

They were. And also I had a hard time resisting a few other interesting offers whence I eventually found myself hauling two bags to a nearby café. I’ill endeavour to very briefly report on a few of the finds. (As usual I’ill quote samples in the same tongue as the books).

1. UDVALGTE BREVE AF L. SMITH. Meddelte af J.H. Bang. Sorø 1876, 52 p., (indbundet m. indbydelsesskrift fra Sorø Akademi).

2. Dito – Sorø, 1877. (vol.2 of the set).

L. Smith apprears to be a well known intellectual and man of letters in his time (late 18th century). I forgot to look up Mr. Bang – but will aim to remedy this later (it turns out I have nothing on J.H.Bang in my dictionaries).

From skimming the letters I would say offhand they don’t seem to be without merit even today. They are all written in 1785-86 I believe, and appear to often be of general interest.

What sold me, however, was perhaps mostly the ownership history of the two otherwise unasuming booklets.

They both have the exlibris of the well known Danish linguist H.G. Olrik on the inside cover. And on the flyleaf directly opposite you read, likewise in both: ‘Højvelbaarne Hr. Konferensraad Dr. Madvig, ærbødigst og hengivenst fra Udgiveren’ (J.H.Bang).

Dr. Madvig of course is the famous Danish 19. century scholar of the classical languages.

3. THE DAIN CURSE. By Dashiell Hammett. Penguin Book, 1966. 188 p. Softcover pocket book that seems to be unread.

From the back cover: ‘Dashiell Hammett gave you THE THIN MAN and THE MALTESE FALCON. Here one of his toughest Continental Ops takes a steel grip on a case that is either modern witchcraft or conspiracy and hocus-pocus of the foulest kind’.

I’m sure I already own at least one copy of The Dain Curse. Hence I naturally thought I’ve read it more than once, like I have all Hammett’s other books, about fifty years ago.

But I’m now past page 75 and half a dozen murders and frankly I don’t seem to recognize or remember a single scene or character. Which worries me slightly, and make me want to soon discover in my storeroom the box with my more than a hundred detective novels (Only Hammett, Chandler and Stanley Gardner/A.A.Fair – thank you).

Of course some readers may rather early get a feeling, that the detective’s old author friend seems to be introduced somewhat haphazardly in the plot. He just ‘by coincidence’ happen to have moved to SanFrancisco – seemingly without good reason except he’s needed in the plot.

Or perhaps I’ve got a rudimentary reminiscence of this detail, after all?

Anyway that detail is an obvious weakness in Mr. Hammett’s labyrinthine kind of plot: The authors hero-dective says somewhere he has stopped beliveing in coincidence and clearly the author should have expected his intelligent readers to likewise have grown out of being ‘coincidence-theorists’.

Not surprisingly this particular novel seems to highlight a couple of the typical Hammett traits: A certain cold-hearted brutality and perhaps even reveling in murder? And also an almost old-testament severity and lack of humor? (By the way, wasn’t there’s an old township in then Palestine named Hammat or Hammath?).

Hammett was, I believe, very proud of his extraordinary cleverness:

– Big Flora: ‘…but you just played a hand – that’s – that’s…

– Hammett’s hero detective: ‘Yeah – I’m another Papodupolous’.

But occasionally you could wish for a bit more simplicity and less overly ingenious plots. Seriously!

Note 1.
The exact same thing seem to be in the offering for the Danish public health and hospital sector right now.

Out DeepState controlled govt. want to remove any and all local (political) control of the sector, so as to remove any conceivable access for the public to complain to local powerbrokers. These locals simple will have all their powers stripped by and transfered to our govt.

In this way the DeepState controllers of our govt. can direct everything of importance, f.i. which political or ideological opponents plus not-totally-clueless journalists are to be ‘wasted’ in the hospitals – as central govt. will control any and all promotions of doctors and nurses as well as administrative staff (links 5 & 6).

The Key: It’s the DeepState that controls ALL fat-cat jobs – be they in NASO or Save The Quids or anywhere else. Remember?

Note 2.
A couple of hours after having posted the above on my WP-blog yesterday (Saturday Jan.19.), I was accosted by an ‘Italian’ gentleman just outside one of my usual haunts in downtown Copenhagen, the photo shop Foto/C in Holbergsgade.

Sitting in his brand new light colored but otherwise nondescript car he rolled down a window and asked me for direction to the airport.

After having told him, he wanted to give me a present ‘for my kindness’. He was, he said, an Italian salesman of mens apparel. And as he had too much stuff to carry on the plane he wanted to present me with one of his fancy windbreakers – ‘normally priced at abt. four or five hundred dollars’!

If I would just enter his car to be seated beside him and shut the door to the cold wind, he would show me the clothings.

When I politely but firmly declined to enter his car his generosity now transmuted itself into an offer to sell me 3 (heinously ugly, as it transpired) windbreakers for only $150, in cash of course. Which generous offer it was not too difficult to resist.

Interpretation: Obviously one of the ‘devious and roundabout’ ways alluded to above. But very dangerous for all that, because had I been clueless enough to enter his car for just a few seconds, the following might presumably have happened:

After closing the door ‘to the cold wind’ I would have found that I couldn’t open it again. And soon after some sort of an sedative might perhaps have been administered, one way or the orther? And kidnap accomplished.

Incidentally a kidnap is way more dreadful than an outright assassination: If kidnapped you may expect to be tortured for months or even years. Remember – the DeepState power brokers ARE INSANE! They don’t mind risking to ruin you and your country and even your planet if they can just have all the planet’s gold (for what??)(Link 7).

Summing up: I guess our government and their DeepStrate friends and masters really, really want me eliminated. A desire that seems to become only more urgent by the day?

Hint: Next Thursday (Jan.23) our appartment house are scheduled to have all its power meters changed for the new remote-controlled models that are now all the rage (because they make it possible for the DeepState to follow almost all your activities in your home in scary detail; reportedly they can even deduce which particular film you are watching on TV!).

Only problem is that all the buildings meters are placed in our common basement – whence they have no business entering our flats.

But of course the DeepState and their SecretPolice (with friends) will move heaven and earth to try and devise any malicious shenanigan at all possible. For instance to try to entice myself down into our dark basement?

The schedule for this power meter work has been known for months, something that’s very, very important for Mozzard hit-squads so as to be able to plan the set-up in every imaginable and unimaginable detail (link 8).

Link 5.

Link 6.

Link 7.

Link 8.


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De Arte Poetica

Today is thursday – and it’s cold out there. But I’ve been at home the last few days to clean out a bit and thought I would do a few errands today. Here’s some of what I’ve encountered.

At Foto/C in Holbergsgade in downtown Copenhagen I talked to the manager. I usually ask if there’s a trifle or two from the odds and ends box. But no such trifle today. Except he wanted to present me with a rather shabby-looking canvas camera bag. I certainly did’t want the bag myself but thought I could give it to a friend that’s on a still tighter budget than myself. Whence I accepted the gift, thank you very much.

But in the odds and ends box in the Photographica shop in Skindergade i sort of hit pay-dirt. There was a Sigma 24mm super-wide lens for my Nikon autofocus lurking i a dark corner. Seems to be in nice condition, except I haven’t tested the functions yet. But for 7.50 $ I thought I could handle the risk.

But the main stop today was the dutch old-books sale in the Heilig Geist Church House in ‘central-downtown’. The price today is 20 Kr ($3). First thing, though, I talked to a friendly art-historian who wanted to have me partake in his excitement over some interesting finds – always glad to!

I also found a few ‘forlorn titbits’ myself (they are both Danish, whence quotes will be Danish also):

1. CAJUS CORNELIUS TACITUS OM GERMANIENS BELIGGENHED, SÆDER OG FOLKESLAG. Af det latinske med anmærkninger ved Dr. Gustav Ludvig Baden. Kiøbenhavn, 1795, 80 p. Bound in contemporary, well worn half calf.

I think this is the original Danish edition of this well known, little gem. It can’t be overly common, at least there seems to be none of any vintage for sale in Denmark at present.

As said the binding is rather shabby and well worn, even if it’s still keeping tidily together.

Someone has cut a corner from a flyleaf, but the bookstock itself is extremely nice. In fact it’s almost like new exept for half a dozen timid and probably easy to remove pencil markings.

On the titel page you can also read: ‘Tyge Rothe Nordens Statsforfatning, første deel, s. 424: “- for hver der vil kiende Norden og de Nordiske sæder, kan ingen kosteligere skat være end denne ypperligen philosopherende historikers saa gehaltige som i korthed sammentrengte værk”.’

From the foreword by the translator, Mr. Baden (1764-1840) I quote:

‘Nok, endnu den dag i dag finde vi de umiskiendeligste beviser for at bogen indeholder de paalideligste efterretninger om de vore oldefædre, han beskriver; endnu den dag i dag finde vi – vel anderledes modellerede – dog de samme love, de samme indretninger, de samme skikke, som Tacitus har opbevaret os.

‘Herpaa at giøre læseren opmærksom har jeg og derfor især søgt med anmærkningerne, ved af Snorre, Saxo, Scøning, Suhm, Kofod Ancher, Stiernhöck, Rothe og flere at oplyse og bestyrke Tacitus’ kostelige efterretninger.

‘Måtte nu ikkun oversættelsen svare til sin original! Imidlertid, med fuldest selvbevidsthed om al mulig anvendt flid paa denne oversættelse, tør jeg hos den kyndige læser saameget mere vente overbærelse, som originalen er Tacitus, hvis præcision og nervøse stiil er saa vanskelig at give et fremmet sprog.

‘Hvad under derfor, at doctor Anton i sin afhandling over Tacitus, hvor tillige recenseres 32 i ni forskiellige sprog givne oversættelser af denne berømte historieskrivers værker, allene tør bestemt rose den spanske og danske oversættelse’.

I’ill present just one more short quote – or rather the whole of the very short part 4:


‘Jeg (i.e. Tacitus) er selv af deres mening som troe: “at Germaniens folk er ikke ved giftermaal med andre nationer blandet, men en egen reen, og sig selv allene lig nasion”.

‘Derfor have de og alle, uagtet folkemængden er saa stor, ens legems positur: mørkeblaa øine, røde haar, store men kun til at anfalde (angribe) stærke legemer. Arbeide og slid kunde de ikke udholde. (note 1.)

‘Tørst og hede taale de slet ikke. Til kuld og hunger har deres klima eller jordbund vant dem.”

Note.1. US-President Mr. Trump?

2. DEN POETISKE KONST. Et Sidestykke Til Det Bekjendte Horazianske DE ARTE POETICA. Af Otto v. Staffeldt. 1826, Odense, 37 p. Softcover booklet.

This interesting little booklet is rather shabby in outward appearance and dog eared almost throughout. There’s a water stain in the upper right-hand corner. But – apart from these blemishes the pages are absolutely clean with no trace of foxing.

Like the title above, this booklet would appear to be rather uncommon; at least there is none for sale on the web in Denmark at present.

The aim of the booklet is evidently to more or less expound on: What is poetry? An interesting question that Mr. Staffeldt tries to answer, perhaps a trifle humorously, in his 38 pages long poem.

Well then – what IS poetry? I guess the answer could be, that it’s many things:

Firstly – to put a story in verse first and foremost is and always has been a helping hand – by way of mnemonics – to remembering long tales from yore.

Secondly – it is and perhaps always has been a way to (help) entrance – charm, captivate or even bewitch – the reader or listener – by the sounds and rythm of the words, lines and verse.

And thirdly – may just be an effort of the poet to please an audience.

Or any possible combination of the above?

Of course one might add, as a fourth item, an more or less conscious effort at being disruptive, annoying, vexing or even malicious, if the author is unbalanced and/or more or less insane?

Here is a few lines from Mr. Staffeldt’s long poem (page 15):

‘Grundregler for et episk digt at give,
Jeg vist nok vogter mig. – En definition
alt mangler: – Og ei let det definert kan blive.
Da blev foruden fod min svage lektion.

‘Med defineringer man maa varsom være!
Derom alt mindet har Voltaire:
Og skottet haant mod hver som saadant vovet har.
Og paa sin vante viis holdt hver af dem for nar.

“Man har (saa vil han det) et heltedigt creeret
“af stor og herlig daad, saalænge repeteret
“af endnu større helt, indtil den er fuldbragt,
“i tiden af et aar. – Grundstenen her er lagt,
“nøiagtigen som jeg har refereret,

“Dog ikke mindre sees i Engeland
“et heltedigt, til himmelen ophævet
“af sort og hvidt heelt genialisk vævet:

“Hvori vor helt, – hiin paradisets mand,
“langt fra et aar at holde stand,
“i første kamp gik glip af smule vid i panden.
“Paa een og samme dag af fanden
“og af sin hustru bringes fra forstand, –
“og føres ynkelig ved næsen.”

Well – perhaps I should have let Mr. Staffeldt speak more on his own?


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Malebranche, Carlyle, Stefan Zweig And Your Pet

Today is Friday and it’s been a somewhat chilly, murky and windy day. It’s also been the last day of the popular dutch book-sale in the CoalMarket here in downtown Copenhagen. Like I told in my last post the friendly Vangsgaard booksellers have had their lease cancelled beginning Jan.1.

Of course I had to be there and loaf around a bit while trying to get a chance to browse the still well stocked shelves among the many other book addicts.

The price today was 5 Kr. (75 cents) and I would like to present some of my finds.

But firstly, like before, let take a quick look at a few of my recent tweets (indexed with an asteriks, my comments with an arrow):

*Top Chinese Banker Warns Against Buying Property “Because There’s No More Money To Be Made”

>Yes, sadly, our homes have increasingly become mostly gambling objects.

*The speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second and the geographic co-ordinates for the Great Pyramid are 29.9792458°N, Dailystar co uk reports

>I have no idea if this is accurate. If it is true it seems interesting.

*Tonite had clairvoyant vision of being burglarized in #NewYearsEve by Mozzad hitsquad. The plan being that hardly anyone will notice kicked-in door, muffled gunshot, general racket in cacophony of exploding #fireworks. Mozzads are real clever, do gods work and can walk on water!

>Yes, that’s right. I am in fact occasionally clairvoyant (mostly) while sleeping. And sadly the TPTB hates my guts, and not least for this very reason.

Hence it’s a priority for the TPTB to have me ‘eliminated’ which, hovever, – and precisely on account of my clairvoyance gift – has proven itself an elusive task.

But a New Years Eve is ofcourse a wonderful chance to ‘get even’ with a rather annoying critic.

‘But this doesn’t happen in a democracy like our Danish one’ – you protest?

But you have to grow up, dear Danish fellow citizens. Dont be clueless and naive. I can assure you, that our Secret Police (PET) does what Secret Police do everywhere: They increasingly operate outside the law, not inside but outside the law! It’s a given, because everywhere with no oversight shabby characters will feel irresistibly attracted and congregate. It’s a well known law of human nature!

And yes, PET IS NOW IS A SECRET POLICE! The former director of the danish Secret Service (PET), the honourable Ole Stig Andersen warned strongly against this development in an essay in the Copenhagen Daily Politiken from 17. December 2005!

Please also see my blog posts
https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/dark-energy/ and
https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/ved-hjaelp-af-bedrag/ .

But now to the recent G.20 conference:

*In early a.m. of Wednesday Nov.28.2018 had vision of US-President donning his new, green Chinese generals uniform. The Uniform was however in Russian Style. Thats why I tweeted that same wednesday that Xi and US are going to embrace in #G20 and split up #Russia.

*(28.Nov.2018) In early a.m. there were rumours in the ether that US & Xi are going to embrace at G20. The split: US to have Europe to Urals, Xi to have Siberia to Urals and IL gets MiddleEast?

>The above two tweets seem to have made quite an impact. You can follow a bit of the resulting panic reaction here:

*Trump Cancels G-20 Meeting With Putin

*One Snub Too Many: Kremlin Sours On Trump As “Patience Coming To An End”
“We can do ‘give and take’ but not ‘give and give’.”

*Trump told Erdogan in the Dec. 14 call, “OK, it’s all yours. We are done.”
Turkey Says US Agreed To Vacate Syrian Kurdish Enclave As Ground Attack Imminent

*(The Race to Obfuscate: Meng Wanzhou The Red Herring?)
What does NOT make sense is that the arrest happened on Saturday and markets did not find out about it until Wednesday night.
This is where what had to be a massive conspiracy of silence begins to raise some interesting questions.

*And then? Come G20, ‘nothing’. Trump stalks the edges of G20 looking tense and defensive. He was no alpha-male, dominating these events. He looked crocked. It was all a bit of a dud, really

*The Presidents of two pre-eminent military and nuclear powers, who sit astride major geo-political faultlines, and who need to talk, circled each other, closed-faced, and without stretching out hands – they could not find even, the subterfuge for sitting together.

*Jatras concludes, more in sorrow than in anger, “it would be only a small exaggeration to say that with respect to foreign and security policy, Trump is now a mere figurehead of the permanent state. Even if Trump and Putin do happen to meet again, what can the latter expect the former to say that would make any difference?”.

>Also the former insider, gen. Wesley Clark, is obviously confused. He would be, ofcourse, because he haven’t had a chance to read my blog (unlike a few other top players), hence he simply don’t know the lay out:

*Ex-NATO Commander Wesley Clark To CNN: Did Erdogan Blackmail Trump?
“Was there a payoff or something? What was it? Why would a guy make a decision like this?”

Some petty news from our homely Danish turf:

*Kineserne slås om dansk by: – Man kniber sig selv i armen

*Danmarks sjettestørste by er faktisk i så høj kurs, at to byer fra Shanghai-området kæmper om at få lov til at bygge en kopi af Randers Midtby.
Både statuen af Niels Ebbesen og Randers Rådhus skal bygges i Kina.

*Skal stå færdigt i 2020. Randers er kendt vidt og bredt for sit 250 år gamle rådhus, statuen af byens beskytter, Niels Ebbesen, og Randers Regnskov. Det er især de tre varemærker, som kineserne siden sidste sommer har haft et brændende ønske om at få i fuld størrelse til Kina.

*Dansker forandrede verdenskortet — men han er mere kendt i Rusland.
WEBDOK: Danske Vitus Bering er kendt af alle i Rusland. Han har fået et hav, et stræde og en ø opkaldt efter sig.

>The two Danish heroes, Niels Ebbesen and Vitus Bering are virtuelly unknown to any and all modern Danes. Even our 16-volume Biographical Dictionary insist the family relationship of Niels Ebbesen is absolutely unknown. Which if a blatant lie – has been known for about a century (I shall return to this shortly).

But now back to the final sale in the CoalMarket. Here are 8 titles – at 75 cents for each volume:

1. DE LA RECHERCHE DE LA VERITE. Par M.Malebranche. Paris, 1749. 4 vols. (complete). Somewhat shabby half-calf, inside almost like new.

This is obviously a lucky strike for anyone interested in french literature and thinking. Imagine – $3 for the set!

Of course the binding is definitely not pretty, but it’s nevertheless fully intact, just a bit shabby. But inside all volumes are very, very pretty, making it a pleasure to use them.

2. HISTORY OF FRIEDRICH II OF PRUSSIA – Called Frederick the Great. By Thomas Carlyle. In six volumes. London without year (ca. 1870-1900?). Chapman-Hall, bound in sturdy dark-blue cloth (with occational cracks).

I’m looking forward to hopefully get leisure to peruse Mr. Carlyle’s original history on 18. century Prussia (and France & etc.).

Major historical works can be quite boring if they are mere recitals of the accepted, politically correct views of their time.

But I’m sure Mr. Carlyle has his own views to propound and thank you very much for that. Of course I feel this is also almost a steal for the princely price total of $4,50!

3. DIE SPIELE DER GRIECHEN UND RÖMER. Von Dr. W.Richter. Leipzig, 1887, Seemann Verl. 219 p. Original cloth.

Some of the chapters:

1. Die Spiele der Kinder.
3. Sport und Jagd
5. Das Rätsel und andere gesellige Spiele
7. Die olympischen Spiele.
10. Römische Festspiele und ihr Charakter.

This seems to be not only a curious but also a uncommon little book. At least I have not yet found it for sale anywhere on the web.

4. DOSTOJEWSKI OG NIETZSCHE. Af Walter Schubart. København 1947. Det Danske Forlag. 110 p. Soft cover.

From the foreword I quote:

‘Hermed udsendes for første gang paa dansk en bog af W.S.

‘Mange danskere kender Walter Schubarts navn fra hans store europæisk berømte bog: Europa und die Seele des Ostens, som udkom i 1938 og siden er blevet drøftet i vide kredse.

‘I 1939 udkom Dostojewski og Nietzsche, og i 1940 Geistige Wandlung.

‘Walter Schubart er Tysk-Balter af fødsel, men Lettisk og fra 1940 Sovjetrussisk statsborger. Indtil 1941 var han professor i filosofi og sociologi ved statsuniversitetet i Riga. Fra 1941 findes ingen efterretninger om ham.

‘I talrige artikler i Baltiske og Polske, senere ogsaa i Østrigske og navnlig Svejtsiske tidsskrifter saavel som i sit hovedværk og den her foreliggende bog har Schubart beskæftiget sig med Russisk aands- og religionshistorie og med de Slaviske folks kultur.

‘I denne bog stilles østen og vesten over for hinanden i to af deres mest fremntrædende skikkelser, Dostojewski og Nietzsche. Schubarts forventninger er rettet mod øst.’
(Forordet af Johs. Novrup, oversættelsen af Palle Nielsen).

5. DIE HEILUNG DURCH DEN GEIST. Mesmer – Mary Baker-Eddy – Freud. Frankfurt/Main, 1985, Fischer Taschenbuch. 395 p. Paperback.

I don’t know Mary Baker-Eddy, but ofcourse I know the names of Mesmer (the man that mesmerizes you!) and Freud (likewise?).

I’m looking forward to learn how this master author treats of the three pioneers.

6. GROWTH AND STRUCTURE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. By Otto Jespersen. 9.ed., Leipzig, 1938, Teubner. 244 p. Original cloth.

A well known work by the internationally renowned Danish linguist.

From page 78 I quote:

‘If with regard to the Scandinavian invasion historical documents were so scarce that the linguistic evidence drawn from the number and character of the loan-words was a very important supplement to our historical knowledge of the circumstances, the same cannot be said of the Norman Conquest.

‘The Normans, much more than the Danes, were felt as an alien race; their occupation of the country attracted much more notice and lasted much longer; they became the ruling class and as such were much more spoken of in contemporary literature and in historical records than the comparatively obscure Scandinavian element; and finally, they represented a higher culture ((perhaps mr. Jespersen really meant civilization?)) than the natives and had a literature of their own, in which numerous direct statements and indirect hints tell us about their doings and their relations with the native population.’

7. DET LITTERÆRE LIV. ESSAYS. Af Anatole France. I udvalg og oversættelse ved Kristen D. Spanggaard. København, 1946, Athenæum. 160 p. Private half cloth.

Anatole France is, I believe, highly regarded by many francophiles. Personally I find his writing perhaps a little bit shallow?

Nevertheless his essays as presentet here (I already own a copy of this volume, though a poor specimen) are well worth consulting for the most part. Here are some of the chapters:

– Guy de Maupassant og de franske Novellister
– I anledning af Goncourt’ernes dagbog
– Balzac
– For Latinen
– Gustave Flaubert
– Bibliofili
– Forsvar for Plagiatet

8. PENNEHUG. Sarkastiske Citater. (CYNICAL QUOTATIONS). Af Jonathon Green. Dansk bearbejdelse ved Ejgil Søholm. VibyJ, 1997, Centrum, 364 p. Org. papirbind.

A few samples:

– Verden er idel forfængelighed i forskellige former (G.S.Halifax)

– Verden er et mægtigt tempel viet til splid. (Voltaire)

– Det eneste, der afholder Gud fra at sende endnu en syndflod, er, at den første var forgæves. (de Chamfort)

– Mennesker klamrer sig til deres herlige tyrannier og til deres udsøgte vås som en dranker til sin flaske og fortsætter med det, indtil døden stirrer dem i øjnene. (Sydney Smith)

– Tro alt, hvad du hører om verden – intet af det er for slemt. (Balzac)

– Samfundet er et hospital med uhelbredeligt syge. (Emerson)

– At alle mennesker skulle være brødre, er en drøm, som folk uden brødre har. (Charles Chincholles)

– Menneskeheden er en svinesti, hvor løgnere, hyklere og de modbydelige i ånden forsamles. (George Moore)

– Folk, som ingen fejl har, er forfærdelige – der er ingen måde, man kan udnytte dem på. (Anatole France; it seems I may perhaps be mistaken about A.F. – see above).

And lastly the ALWAYS witty Oscar Wilde:

– Det er kun overfladiske mennesker, der ikke dømmer efter det ydre.

That’s it for today. But, also today, has startet a new dutch book-sale in the Heilig Geist Church House in downtown Copenhagen. Today the price was 60 Kr ($9,-), but soon the price will be attractive enough for me to report a bit from there and the likewise friendly Forum booksellers.


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Photography, Your Brain and Napoleon

Today is Tuesday and a somewhat chilly and dark late December afternoon here in downtown Copenhagen.

Also it’s now less than a week until Christmas Eve. Not that this is a big deal – neither the closeness nor the Eve itself. After all I have no progeny and, frankly, I’m no more a kid myself, I’m afraid.

Also it’s only ten days until Dec.28, the last weekday in 2018. But that day is set up to be the ultimate and final day of the permanent dutch book sale in the Coal Market (Kultorvet) here in central Copenhagen.

The word around town is the bookseller has had his lease terminated from the end of 2018. Which may very likely be inauspicious for the friendly Vangsgaard antiquarian booksellers, – although perhaps not so much for myself.

As a matter of fact I’m beginning to feel a bit crowded or even claustrophobic in my small flat from being surrounded by books almost everywhere.

But today the books are 20 kr.($3) each, and wanting to find yet one or two small presents I ventured inside once more. Having less than half an hour at my disposal, however I didn’t quite manage to find appropiate presents – but perhaps tomorrow or day after tomorrow?

I found these, however:

1. ERINDRINGER AF MIT LIV. Ved. K(nud) L(yhne) Rahbek. 2.vols. Kiöbenhavn, 1825, Schulz, 372 p.

This small volume, nicely bound in contemporary half-calf is ofcourse only the second volume of several (at least three)(note 1). But as the book is wonderfully preserved both outside and, especially, inside I coundn’t resist it at the modest price asked. Also it seems to be the original edition?

Here is a small, somewhat randomly chosen sample (p.147):

‘Forresten førte jeg her i de faa dage et liv efter min smag, lærte ikke at kiænde mere af Berlin end veien til Comediehuset, og til mine fire, frem dramatiske og litterariske bekiendte, saa i øvrigt ingen ting, end ikke Posens da navnkundige kaffehuus, hvor ellers alle reisende toge die Galanterien von Berlin i øiesyn, omtrent formodentlig som paa Salon d’Apollon i Hamborg, som jeg heller ikke har seet.

‘Samsøe, der havde sands og smag for kunstsamlinger, gallerier o.d.l., morede sig ogsaa paa sin viis her særdeles vel, men forlod Berlin en dag før mig, for at tage Potsdams mærkværdigheder i øiesyn, og samledes vi da igien der, for at gaa tilbage til Leipzig.’

(Note 1. The complete set is in 5 volumes, issued 1824-29. A set in nice condition would be several hundred dollars).

2. 25 LESSONS I’VE LEARNED ABOUT (PHOTOGRAPHY) LIFE. By Lorenzo Dominguez. NewYork, 2008, Blurb.com, 134 p., paperback.

This small ‘photobook’ in pocketbook format is virtually like new and is probably unread. On the back cover you can read a.o.:

‘I don’t think I’ve ever read as moving a piece on the craft of photography in my life. This one really touches my soul…it’s going to really impact my life.’ Phyllis Johnson, photojournalist and author of Being Frank with Anne.

‘Lorenzo is a master. His 25 Lessons are…as seminal as Ansel’s dissertation on the zone system. I found them to be reenergizing, perceptive and extremely useful. I have been touched by his story, his writings and by his work. I can’t imagine anyone not being so.’ Barry Shapiro, Los Angeles.

3. MENNESKETS DOBBELTHJERNE. En Artikelsamling. Af Wittrock, Bogen, Gazzaniga, Jerison, Krashen, Nebes and Teyler. København, 1979, Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck, 205 p., paperback. (Translated from ‘The Human Brain’, Prentice Hall, 1977).

This is, incidentally, an issue that I’ve often alluded to – i.e. the ‘two brains of the humans’. The left half-brain, ‘the robot brain’ and the right half-brain, ‘the holistic, intuitive brain’.

In an earlier essay: ‘The Origin Of Mind And Other Trifles’ https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2017/05/23/the-origins-of-mind-and-other-trifles/ I’ve very briefly related on an author, that has somehow managed to put things more or less on it’s head in his otherwise interesting book, THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAK-DOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND. By Julian Jaynes. Boston, 1990.

That authors thesis is, very roughly, that the left-brain caracteristics are an more advanced evolution of the – more primitive – right-brains caracteristica. And, especially, that human ‘consciousness’ is mostly a quality of the more recently developed left brain.

Also that the right-brain made ‘communication’ with ‘the Gods’ possible, and that this ‘communication’ meant that humans thence had less ‘counciousness’ of their own (and less ‘free will’, I presume?).

Frankly, the first thesis is mostly nonsens, in so far as the stark predominance of the left brain is certainly not an advancement or progress. Quite the opposite it represent a degeneration of the harmonious human mind of yore. A harmonious equilibrium you, incidentally, are likely to find universally in the Cosmos whereever sane ‘human’ life is prospering.

(As an aside and just very briefly: The Universe was not ‘born’ or ‘created’ and did not ‘start’ with the phantasm called ‘The Big Bang’.

You have really no reason to believe the Universe was ‘born’ or ‘created’ (out of what?) just like you have really no reason to believe that ‘humans’ are younger than the Universe itself!

Most people will just have to contend with ‘We don’t know’ and always be vigilant against all and everyone trying to impose their ignorance upon them with more or less silly, ostensibly ‘scientifically confirmed’ facts.

“Man is not born to solve the mystery of Existence; but he must, nevertheless, attempt it, in order that he may learn how to keep within the limits of the knowable”. (Goethe) (Note 2)

Like I tweeted recently: It’s as silly to believe you may discover ‘the origin’ of language as to think you may discover ‘the origin’ of the Universe.)

But Mr. Jaynes is right in so far as there is a difference of the quality of conscienceness between the typical right-brain dominated compared to the left-brain dominated individual.

The left-brain dominated person has a quality of consciousness much more confined to only that very person, whereas counsciousness of the right-brain is much less limited and more universal, eventually, perhaps, feeling a degree of community with everyone else and the Cosmos – and perhaps ‘the Gods’ – albeit to varying degrees, of course.

The author maintains, that the left brain has grown much more dominating especially in the last few milleniums, and that this has resulted in humans having got much more counciousness.

As told, this is almost completely rubbish. In fact it’s the other way around: The (partly) withering away of (the use of) the right brain means the counciousness of humans have become very much limited and confined to oneself, ultimately resulting in ‘The egotistic Robots’.

Whence the ‘Human Robots’ that are in fact now running most of our Earth and that, if left unchecked, will surely and in quite short order mean total destruction of Earth and Humanity.

More here:

Off hand ‘Menneskets Dobbelthjerne’ appears to be a rather dry, very ‘scientific’ exposition of the accepted knowledge on the issue in the late seventies. I have to leave it at that and reserve my opinion subject further perusal of the book.

(Note 2. Here quoted from the titel page of ‘A Biographical History of Philosophy. By G.H. Lewes. London/Newyork, Routledge & Sons, 1891).

4. THE EAGLE IN SPLENDOUR. NAPOLEON I AND HIS COURT. By Philip Mansel. London, 1987, 232 p.

This beautiful, profusely illustrated, large book (small quarto) is quite a find for 3 dollars. From the inside front flap of the dustcover I cite.

‘This is a new view of the most famous man in history. It shows him as a monarch rather than as a genius on the battlefield.

‘Although Napoleon rose through the events of the Revolution, he was primarily interested in establishing a dynasty to rank with the Bourbons of the Habsburgs, and in extending his influence through Europe.

‘Philip Mansel’s fascinating book shows the ruthlessness with which Napoleon sought to achieve these ends. His establishment of a court was a calculated act, to enhance his power and prestige.

‘His policy of territorial expansionism was pursued with an arrogance and inhumanity which turned all Europe against him.

‘His extraordinary brothers and sisters were given thrones and courts in Italy, Spain, Holland and Germany, where they lived lives of luxury and self-aggrandizement in the napoleonic style.’


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Louis Sancho and the CERN/LHC

Today is Sunday and it’s been a real nice and sunny late autumn day. Its also the closing day of the ongoing dutch book sale in the Heilig Geist Church House here in downtown Copenhagen.

I’ve managed to haul a couple of bags shock full of 75-cents books all the way to a nice café not too far away. Even if four or five freezing street musicians did their best to blow me away with their electric amplifiers.

Frankly I don’t understand the City Council allows power amplified street music. It’s annoying for many passers-by and for the businesses nearby and, incidentally, too loud background music only tend to dilute or even totally drown the performers personal statements.

But here we are and I would like to mention a few of the books I fetched at the sale. But, as before, let’s first take a quick look at at a couple a my recent tweets (from twitter.com/gamleboeger). It’s the same text in all three tweets but with different links.

China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”
Posted on Oct 13, 2018

China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”
Posted on Oct 13, 2018

China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”
Posted on Oct 13, 2018

So it seems the Chinese are planning to build a particle accelerator much more powerful than Europe’s notorious CERN/LHC, the Large Hadron Collider.

I always thought the – relatively few, to be sure – chinese persons I have talked to seemed to be quite smart. But building and operating another Large Hadron Collider much, much more powerful than the CERN/LHC is obviously anything but smart.

Just from I posted my first comment on the Large Hadron Collider in (June 2014 and) January 2015, (Link 1) I’ve had a hard time grasping that seemingly no one from our top global leadership were able to apprehend the stark and imminent danger posed by monster machines like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

They are in fact monstrously large bombs, ‘able to blow up stars and planets’.

The worst case scenario is supposed to be our Earth blowing up like a Nova or even Supernova.

In which case the fireball could be typically 300 million km across (equal to the diameter of Earths orbit around the Sun) and hence evaporating Earth and (some of) the inner planets AND POSSIBLY KICKING OUR SUN RIGHT OUT OF THE MILKY WAY GALAXY (Link 2).

Please read this short extract from the home page of Luis Sancho, top of the world theoretical physicist:

‘LUIS SANCHO – On himself: top of the world of systems sciences and cybernetics. IQ 180. But now 80% of my papers have been erased from ‘Google Scholars’.
See my best work, ‘Absolute relativity: the 5th dimension’, at kindle
http://www.amazon.com/Information-dimension-Space-Time-Sciences-ebook/dp/B005SS6ZE4/ref=sr_1_13?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1354750506&sr=1-13 )

On CERN science and scientists:

Cern is full of 20 something very smart who think because they have a ‘title’ and went through the industry of information they know a lot.

They are very smart. So smart that they will die of it. Because the Universe is NOT SMART BUT INTELLIGENT.

Smart people (try and) ‘cheat’ the laws of the Universe.

Those people are nuts, evil children, and they don’t even know they are

Absolute evil = death is 1/2 of the Universe

‘those who pretend to impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’. (Einstein)

The two biggest infamous basterds of modern science, the inventors of cybernetics and the H-bomb were obsessed with extinction.

‘They knew they were the parents of the two sciences, nuclear physics and robots that would kill us. They ONLY talked of THIS. It was their obsession

Don’t you get it? It is all a moral question!! They know they can kill the planet, they don’t care

They live off making weapons, they are nuclear scientists, they live with death.

When CERN crosses the so-called ‘bag number’ (number of strange quarks needed to coalescence into a strangelet) we shall die.


CERN is a cosmic bomb, able to blow up stars and planets, the 3rd evolution of nuclear bombs after the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb.’

(extracted from https://cerntruth.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/the-mayan-prophecy/

and a comment I posted on the widely read, critical blog aanirfan.blogspot.com in april 2017:

gamleboeger19 April 2017 at 06:44
http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2017/04/trump-at-war-with-assad-and-putin.html?showComment=1492609463358#c5895090473984166129 )

However it seems the CERN/LHC has now been (or is to be) shut down for 10 years ‘to be upgraded’. Has somebody perhaps seen the light after all?

The critical blog aanirfan.blogspot.com, writing since 2004, was suppressed (from Blogger, a Google company) Nov.10 until Dec.1. Most observers presumably think the actual reason was the penultimate entry, that dealt with a woman authors book critical of the main-stream holocaust story.

But probably this would not be the real reason. You see – the global TPTB have no qualms whatsoever with being flagged as evil or avaricious. That is merely some sort of an ideal for them, I’m afraid?

However they certainly cannot bear and tolerate being flagged as clueless – which is, nevertheless, what the CERN/LHC conundrum may perhaps have proven them to be?

Doesn’t the above exposition by Louis Sancho tend to strongly suggest that humans will be unable to understand and navigate the dangers of the Universe without a keen sense of morals? And not without a functioning right half-brain.

Hence the urgent issue for the TPTB with the outspoken and popular aanirfan blog – with thousands of hits daily – was perhaps more likely that aanirfan on April 19, 2017 had published my above comment with the exposé on and by Louis Sancho. Only several months later it was announced that the Large Hadron Collider was scheduled to be shut down ‘for 10 years’.

You need to be aware, ofcourse, that both my blogs and certainly the aanirfan blog have been read by the top power brokers of the world. And they couldn’t see the light?

Link 1.
(pls. scroll down for english text)

And (danish only)

Link 2.

But now today’s main dish, – a few more 75-cent books:

1. MATTHIAS CLAUDIUS OG HANS VENNEKREDS. Af Richard Petersen. Kjøbenhavn 1884, Schønbergs Forlag. 420 p. Bound in rather frugal half cloth. (Note 1)

Matthias Claudius (1740-1815) was a renowned german poet, writer and journalist. Also called ‘the Wandsbecker Bote’ after his like named journal (1770-75).

He knew/befriended many comtemporary german male and women writers and thinkers, among others Klopstock, Lessing, Herder, Jacobi, Lavater and Gallitzin.

The author Richard Petersen (1838-1905) was renowned as an author of biographies, among which the above ranks among his most important.

He also treated of Henrik Steffens, Thomas Kingo, Frederika Bremer, Mme de Staël Holstein, Jens Baggesen & Sofie v. Haller, J.K.Lavater and others.

Sadly he didn’t manage to finish his biography of Carl Ploug, the prominent Danish 19. century publisher, editor, poet and politician.

Wandsbeck, now part of greater Hamburg, was then a small city just outside Hamburg on the border to then more or less Danish Holstein.

In my childhood’s Jutland you might still hear old people say ‘go to Wandsbeck’ for ‘go to blazes’. Perhaps because the city of Wandsbeck in the past was thought to owe its existense to rouges, criminals and bankrupts.

From the preface: “Min bog har imidlertid et videregaaende formaal end at skildre selve Claudius’ livsførelse og gjerning, idet den tager sigte paa også at fremstille hans ‘vennekreds’.

“Jeg tror, de fleste læsere ville indrømme mig, at det saaledes er hensigtsmæssigst og bedst; han maa ses i sin samtid for at kunne forstaas.”

Note 1.
Only today (Nov.29.) I have noted an inscription from a previous owner on a flyleaf that somehow got stuck to another: ‘H.H.Lefolii, Jul 1885 – gave fra min hustru’ (i.e.: Christmas 1885 – present from my wife).

H.H. Lefolii (born in Copenhagen 1819 – d.1908) was a prominent nineteenth century school man and translator of historical sources. His wife was Christiane Dor. Julie Strandbygaard.

2. KRISTEN KOLD – FOLKEHØJSKOLENS BANEBRYDER. Af Frederik Nygård. Bd. 1-2. Odense, 1895, ca. 500 p. Taveligt, noget slidt halvlæder, bogblokken pæn og venholdt.

Kr. Kold (1816-70) was a Danish school pioneer of world wide renown. Perhaps his thinking on childrens schools was most widely acclaimed.

Here is a few lines from page 209, vol 2, that seems to summarize Kold’s mission statement:

‘I sin tale ved ‘Vennemødet’ i København den 11.Sept.1866 karakterisererde Kold sin højskolevirksomhed i følgende slutningsord:

‘Jeg vil slutte med den bemærkning, at oplysning har jeg næppe så godt greb paa, som jeg har paa oplivelse. Jeg opliver først, og saa oplyser jeg bagefter, eller i al fald opliver og oplyser jeg paa en gang.

‘Og det tror jeg er rigtigt, thi oplivelse er det, som man trænger til. Altsaa er det at oplive langt mere min opgave ved skolen end at oplyse.’

3. DEN MENNESKELIGE PERSONLIGHED OG DENS BESTAAEN EFTER LEGEMETS DØD. Af Frederic W.H.Myers. København, 1968-69, 2 vols., 667 + 637 p. Original cloth.

This is ofcourse the famous classic for everyone interested in the esoterical aspects of the human personality – like dreams, spooks, telepathy and so on and so forth.

It’s quite incredible you can buy these two massive volumes in rather nice condition for one-and-a-half quid!

4. GEORG BRANDES – I MODSIGELSERNES TEGN BERLIN 1877-83. Af Jørgen Knudsen. Gyldendal, 1988. 361 p. Softcover.

From the back cover:

‘Dette bind fortæller om de seks aar, Georg Brandes boede i Berlin i et frivilligt eksil – en central periode i hans liv og udvikling, desuden en særdeles veldokumenteret periode.

Nyt stof er beretningen om hans ægteskab. Her kastes et ganske grelt lys over hans rolle som kvindesagens forkæmper. Nyt stof er også beretningen om hans årelange betagelse af den gifte tyske kvinde Lulu v. d. Leyen – en dramatisk trekanthistorie, som skulle trække lange spor efter sig.

Også Brandes’ forhold til det moderne gennembruds mænd er belyst – hans forsøg på at holde sine folk til ilden og holde sammen på tropperne. Uden at blive oplevet som tyran af dem.

Et gennemgående tema i bogen er den rådvildhed og ubeslutsomhed, som denne viljekraftens besynger viser sig at være ramt af i disse år. Som tømmermænd efter rusen, sådan følger de lammende modsigelser efter den bevingede frigørelse. Men det er modsigelserne, der tvinger historien videre, når de bliver uudholdelige.’

Obviously another nice buy for 75 cents.

5. STRINDBERG ET ROUSSEAU. By Elie Poulenard. Paris, 1959, Presses Universitaires, 187 p., soft cover.

A fly leaf has this inscription: ‘A Monsieur le lecteur Bent Culmsee, hommage amical de l’auteur – E.Poulenard.

There are 17 parts, among which:

Chap. IX: Pourquoi Strindberg s’est-il proclamé disciple de Rousseau?

Appendice III: L’égocentrisme chez Rousseau et Strindberg

App. IV: Strindberg, Rousseau, Tolstoi, les socialistes agraires et la méthode d’attaque indirecte de Kierkegaard.

App. VII: Rousseau condamné par Nietzsche.

6. DE STORE ROMANER. Af Henning Kehler. København, 1940, Gyldendal, 188 p. soft cover.

From the back cover:

‘Faa foredragsserier i statsradiofonien har haft samme kvalitet og er blevet lyttet til under samme opmærksomhed hos den mere kræsne del af lytternes store skare som Henning Kehlers ‘De store Romaner’.

‘Henning Kehler har bagefter gennemskrevet foredragene og udvidet dem betydeligt. Bogen gennemgaar Gralsromanen, Tristanromanen, Don Quixote, Simplicius Simplicissimus, Robinson Krusoe, Gil Blas, Wilhelm Meister, Ivanhoe, Madame Bovary, Raskolnikov og En dansk Students Eventyr.

‘De store Romaner’ er en i sin art, ved sin idé og udførelse, enestaaende ledetraad i romanens historie og tolkning af de ypperste romanværker.’

7. HIPPOLYTE TAINE. ÉTAPES DE SON OEUVRE. par Paul-Victor Rubow. Copenhagen/Paris 1930, 157 p. Softcover.

I already own a copy of this litte book, but the present specimen is in very nice condition, and for 75 cents I thought I could afford a keeper and a user.

8. ARCHETYPES. The Persistence of Unifying Patterns. By Elemira Zolla (Rome). NewYork/London, 1982, 140 p. Hardcover.

From the front inside flap of the dustcover:

‘Throughout the world there persist constants known as archetypes – patterns of impulse, thought and behaviour that mold not only man’s history but also his dreams.

‘Professor Zolla shows ways to define and evaluate those patterns in their various guises, ancient and contemporary. He has gathered together a vast amount of material drawn from eastern and western traditions, from science, leterature, art and poetry. The interpretations he puts forward are often highly original and challenging to established ways of thinking.

‘There emerges from this book what can only be described as a global metaphysical system, yet professor Zolla’s language is not that of a treatise. Rather, he presents a brilliant series of lessons in the art of centering, which allows us to relate to the archetypes creatively.

‘Zolla’s deep, polymathic probing of the terms of human existence makes it sensible to compare him with Simone Weil, while some of his conclusions about ultimate mysteries – expressed in signs, symbols, and sacraments, the sense of which we have lost – will make us think of the later T.S.Eliot.’

9. Two more books with essays by Paul V. Rubow and also five more french books on french literature.

(Posted 18.Nov./07.Dec.2018)

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Another Fine Mess – Oliver!

Today we’ll take a look at and analyze a bit on another tweet from October 15. Only this tweet was not posted.

(15.Oct.2018) Today was visited by my kid sister. After taking her to the train station I returned home after dark at about 8 p.m. At corner of Mariendalsvej, just outside the candy store, a fast, black Mercedes with Mossad hit-squad was waiting for me. Two men outside, one partly disguised as police officer with reflective stripes and some sort of a badge. Just as I went by the first man called out to the other that had started mowing my way, to lay off. Obviously because a biker just passed very close by me – just in the right/wrong seconds!

However I never intended to tweet about the following incidents, that’s necessary to have in mind when analyzing the above:

On October 11. I had been using the laundry in our basement since midday. At abt. 2.30 p.m. I happened to see this from my street window: A MC-Police Officer (MC-PO) had seemingly stopped a somewhat dilapidated small car with a somewhat dilapidated small, fat, dark-haired man directly in front of the street door to our appartment house.

The small man soon ‘took the air’ but the MC-PO kept vigil with his MC and the car for about an hour (more or less).

At abt. 3 p.m. I had to pass closely by this (friendly looking!) PO to fetch the last of my laundered clothes in the basement.

In the late a.m. on the day before, i.e. Wednesday October 10, I had tweeted about certain clairvoyant visions from the early hours in the a.m.

Also I blogged about these tweets later in the day, must have been roughly mid afternoon, from a downtown café:
As you can see I’m somewhat critical of Mossad and their friends in the tweets/blog entry.

After having posted the blog-update I was walking along Vesterbrogade in downtown Copenhagen when being overtaken by an enormous convoy of Police MC’s plus a couple of darkened cars.

I don’t remember to have ever seen such a giant MC-convoy and naturally wondered – but only slightly – what was going on.

Only a couple of days later – on Oct. 12. – I learned that the Head of State (HoS) of a certain M.E. nation was on official visit in Denmark. I usually skim several it-newssites, danish and international, daily and am sure I didn’t then see one word about this state visit.

So here is the mess – perhaps:

Said HoS hypothetically may have instantly taken affront by me tweeting something about a few of my many bad experiences with Mossad and their friends – on the exact(?) same (hour? and) morning said HoS touched down with his plane in the Copenhagen airport (But I have still no precise idea when that was).

Perhaps his embassy may then have asked their honourable Danish government to instantly pay me back for my gross misconduct and provocation?

It may thus – hypothetically – have been decided to place a PET/Mossad agent with a dilapidated car and a (sane, clever and honest, obviously) MC-PO directly in front of my street door?

That certainly should throw a scare into me – right? Yes, if I had just a wispy, tiny inkling about the whereabout of a certain touchy HoS from a certain touchy M.E. nation – then I certainly might well have felt a bit uneasy with being watched and surrounded by police?

But where do the hit-squad fit into the mess? Well, our honourable MC-PO ofcourse quickly became aware that his presence didn’t seem to bother me in the least. I guess that’s something PO’s soon learn to discern in their line of duty?

Hence that’s what he would report to his superiors, that would report to MOJ, that would report to his superiours here or on the embassy, that would report to their govt., that would report to their HoS?

Hypothetically, then, trying to turn a small mess to a grand success the embassy may perhaps have decided to get clever: If he’s so conficent with PO’s – why not just set up a hit-squad with agents at least partly disguised as Police Officers.

And as we through our full-spectrum surveillance of his daily routine and his flat know the plans for taking his sister to the station in detail – it should be easy to pick a stake out.

By the way, any hit-squad with agents disguised as PO’s is basically very dangerous. Their camouflage sort of put you off guard. If you are not sort of protected by a very strongly developed sixt-sense, you will normally be dead meat.

Summing up: I’m somewhat at a loss to fully understand the instant affront hypothetically taken by said HoS. As a matter of fact I can’t help wondering, if Mossad and their friends haven’t perhaps been pulling the leg of his excellency’s a bit; or at the very least the leg of our MOJ, perhaps?

The reason is one have to suppose that Mossad and their friends through their year-long full-spectrum surveillance of my flat most likely may have always been very well aware, that I probably hadn’t the faintest idea about this HoS’ planned visit to Denmark?

But then again Mossad and their friends always were spoiling for a fight – weren’t they?

Update 22.Okt.2018.

It seems the above blog entry from Sunday 21st (and together with my entry from Saturday 20th http://www.gamleboeger.dk/2018/10/20/75-cents-books-and-more/ ) has not been received particularly favourably by the The-Powers-That-Be.

At least I was already today, monday 22nd, starkly and very vividly warned by telepathy in two clairvoyant visions early in the a.m. I have also tweeted about it this morning, here are the tweets (only very slightly amended):

(22.10.2018)Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw decadent score of people walking along nightly road. Appeared to be mostly assorted rogues, lunatics and traitors. Opposition traitors just cast their disguise and joined the gang. Someone said: Let’s deliver the package’ (i.e. myself to Mossad?)

It might thus perhaps be deducted that the Govt. and their loyal opposition, perhaps unsurprisingly has resolved to combine their hatred for myself – ‘the undaunted regime critic’? For instance this link may hypothetically pertain to the governments oppositions leader as MOJ, if I’m not entirely mistaken?

And ofcourse the SecretService/SecretPolice/Mossad are supposed to handle the particulars?

(22Okt2018)Tonite in clairvoyant vision saw man in darkblue ‘uniform’ presenting himself as from Goldma (or something) wanting to inspect my flat. As I declined he wanted to use my WC. As again declined he tried to force his way in. Perhaps the Govt. dont like my blogs?

(Posted 21.Oct.2018/Updated 22.Oct.2018)

Crossposted on http://www.gamleboeger.dk and https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com

Tweets on http://www.twitter.com/gamleboeger

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75-Cents Books – And More

Ten days ago I pledged to report on a bag of 5-kr books acquired at the end of September in the permanent dutch book sale at the Coal Market square here in downtown Copenhagen. So here we go – or almost. Because today I feel like firstly commenting on a few recent tweets on @gamleboeger.

So let’s take a quick look. I almost exclusively tweet with links to online news, these are all from October 15.

1. Genome Hackers Show No One’s DNA Is Anonymous Anymore

>>>Our governments obviously have no ability and/or intention of protecting their citizens from maliciously invasive troublemakers in any and all areas of privacy.

But your personal DNA is really your most private and valuable possession, don’t you think?

It’s obviously also valuable for someone else. And at some point these someones want to rob you of your valuables, all of them. You can bet on that, and is what we see here.

2. Deepfake Videos Are Getting Real and That’s a Problem.
Seeing isn’t believing anymore. Deep-learning computer applications can now generate fake video and audio recordings that look strikingly real.

>>>In many ways the digital world is becoming downright demonic. Specifically, hasn’t digital imagery now almost become the direct opposite of classic, straight photography, valued for its honesty?

3. How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town.
New York’s empty storefronts are a dark omen for the future of cities.

>>>Here we see another showcase of how the deranged money-printing frenzy has warped all asset valuations. Most metropolitan downtown areas are fastly becoming depopulated and cleared of real, living store-fronts. Almost no one running a honest, sane business can pay the outrageous rents demanded by the millionaire and billionaire real-estate owners.

Remember – these large investors have access to almost unlimited funds almost for free. Something that’s certainly not awailable to most medium, small or – heaven forbid – mom-and-pop stores.

4. World’s oldest woman, 129, who says her long life is a punishment from God remembers the one happy day in her life – when she returned home after surviving a Stalin purge in World War Two

>>>Curious story, really: One happy day in 129 years! But doubtless in many cases living conditions for ‘the plebs’ are balancing precariously on the edge.

5. It’s bizarre, really. You’d think that citizens would want good, livable housing to be readily available and dirt cheap. Food and clothing and heat they want to be plentiful and cheap, but not housing. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-13/violence-public-anger-erupts-china-home-prices-slide

6. They’ve been trained to view housing as an “investment”, not as a basic necessity. Make housing plentiful and cheap and you’d have an angry mob with pitchforks and torches at the door.

7. Violence, Public Anger Erupts In China As Home Prices Slide.
“People are so used to rising prices that it never occurred to them that [prices] can fall too…”

>>>To 5, 6 & 7: Like touched upon above, big city real estate valuations are way, way off the chart of sanity.

Among the causes: Many governments sponsor home ownership with tax deduction benefits. That is, the poor people sponsor the rich and the poor-poor sponsor the rich-poor. Also governments sponsor the banks by making much larger loans possible.

But above all, the insane money printing is warping values, as expounded upon already

8. The Online Censors.
Facebook’s long history of closing down free speech.

9. “I have said it before and I will say it again: in a corporatist system, wherein there is no clear line between corporate power and government power, corporate censorship is government censorship…”: We’re “Trapped In An Orwellian Oligarchy”

>>>To 8 & 9: These virtual monopoly corporations are as such clearly and blatantly operation in disregard of the Danish Constitution (Grundlov). I suppose this applies to most European and many overseas countries as well.

10. Perpetual Taxes on Property
Eric Peters on moral obnoxiousness.

>>>It’s interesting to note, that most or all countries globally now in reality have abolished private ownership of land and real estate. That is, if you are not able to pay the taxes on your land, lot or house, then the govt. takes possession.

11. The American Ruling Class: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution

12. “My dog can recognize faces,” he says. “My teenage daughter speaks three languages. I would not entrust my savings to either of them.”

>>>To 12: Of course you shouldn’t entrust your savings to robots. But that’s what everyone now do every day as many or even most world leaders and top business executives are IN FACT ROBOTS: They are almost totally left-brain dominated ‘human’ (or rather inhuman) robots.

If you don’t have an effectively functioning right half-brain working smoothly together with your equally effectively functioning left half-brain – but only a functioning left-half – then you are in fact a robot!

Hence these leaders fascination with artificial intelligence (i.e. robots): Firstly they want to build artificial intelligence to substitute their missing right half-brain (which is impossible – you only get monsters!) and secondly they themselves ofcourse want to ‘breed and proliferate’…

More here

13. And as he continues to expose one fraud after another, Griffin – unlike Goldman – is truly doing God’s work.
“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

>>>Read more about this real world hero in the Zerohedge article!

And a little more about ‘gods work’ here

14. Exorbitant cost, multiple failures, years overdue: A recap of the ongoing F-35 calamity (VIDEO)

>>>Inbelievable any responsible government can defend procuring this monster aircraft. The price is monstreous – and what about the umbilical cord that has to be live in real time via satellite between the Pentagon and any plane wanting to fly?

Can anyone outside the US but a rank traitor defend this? Please explain to me how, thanks?

15. The European Union believes that it is able to accommodate 3.8 billion more refugees and migrants!
Taken from an official EU Commission Home Affairs Committee document: https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/e-library/docs/pdf/final_report_relocation_of_refugees

16. According to the EU Commission, the EU member states can accomadate 3.8 billion – yes, BILLION – refugees/asylum seekers/economic migrants (a majority of whom are Muslims from Africa and the Middle East). The EU’s current total population is approximately 510 million.

>>>More crazy paper work?

17. China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”
Posted on Oct 13, 2018

18. China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”
Posted on Oct 13, 2018

19. China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”
Posted on Oct 13, 2018

>>>To 17, 18 & 19: I have had a hard time grasping that no one from our top global leadership are able to apprehend the stark and imminent danger posed by monster machines like the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

They are in fact monstrously large bombs, ‘able to blow up stars and planets’.
The worst case scenario is supposed to be our Earth blowing up like a Nova or even Supernova.

In which case the fireball may be typically 300 million km across (equal to the diameter of earths orbit around the Sun) and hence evaporating Earth and the inner planets AND POSSIBLY KICKING OUR SUN RIGHT OUT OF THE MILKY WAY GALAXY.

Please read this short extract from the home page of Luis Sancho, top of the world theoretical physicist:

LUIS SANCHO – On himself: top of the world of systems sciences and cybernetics. IQ 180. But now 80% of my papers have been erased from ‘Google Scholars’.
See my best work, ‘Absolute relativity: the 5th dimension’, at kindle
http://www.amazon.com/Information-dimension-Space-Time-Sciences-ebook/dp/B005SS6ZE4/ref=sr_1_13?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1354750506&sr=1-13 )

On CERN science and scientists:

Cern is full of 20 something very smart who think because they have a ‘title’ and went through the industry of information they know a lot

They are very smart. So smart that they will die from it. Because the Universe is NOT SMART BUT INTELLIGENT.

Smart people (try and) ‘cheat’ the laws of the Universe.

Those people are nuts, evil children, and they don’t even know they are

Absolute evil = death is 1/2 of the Universe

‘those who pretend to impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’. (Einstein)

The two biggest infamous basterds of modern science, inventors of cybernetics and the H-bomb were obsessed with extinction.

They knew they were the parents of the two sciences, nuclear physics and robots that would kill us. They ONLY talked of THIS. It was their obsession

Don’t you get it? It is all a moral question!! They know they can kill the planet, they don’t care

They live off making weapons, they are nuclear scientists, they live with death.

When CERN crosses the so-called ‘bag number’ (number of strange quarks needed to coalescence into a strangelet) we shall die.


CERN is a cosmic bomb, able to blow up stars and planets, the 3rd evolution of nuclear bombs after the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb.

(extracted from https://cerntruth.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/the-mayan-prophecy/ and

gamleboeger19 April 2017 at 06:44
http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2017/04/trump-at-war-with-assad-and-putin.html?showComment=1492609463358#c5895090473984166129 )

However it seems the CERN/LHC has now been (or is to be) shut down for 10 years ‘to be upgraded’. Has somebody perhaps seen the light after all?

More here (pls. scroll down for english text)

And (danish only)

(Pls see note 1, below)

20. BP: Sanktionen gegen Russland-Energie würden Europa lahmlegen

>>>Obviously the US-sanctions on Russia are equally malicious to Europe…

21. 40% of the American middle class face poverty in retirement, study concludes

22. Datatilsynet truede med melde TDC’s masseovervågning til politiet

23. Efter knap 2 års ulovlig masseovervågning: Pape ser på lov for telelogning

24. Det er mere end på tide, at Søren Pape Poulsen reviderer de danske logningsregler

25. (Men det er da vist Grundlovsstridigt at give en fremmed Spiontjeneste den magt?) ‘Udgivelsen af »Syv år for PET« ville kræve godkendelse fra CIA’

26. ‘Scharf skulle have skadet PETs forhold til samarbejdspartnere og andre efterretningstjenester. For at han måtte nævne andre tjenester, ville det ifølge den daværende juridiske chef have krævet skriftlig godkendelse’ (med hvilken lovhjemmel?)

27. Angiveligt har Scharf brudt den såkaldte (Grundlovsstridige?) »tredjelandsregel«, der betyder, at hvis en tjeneste som PET får efterretninger fra et andet lands efterretningstjeneste kan de ikke videregives (til Tinget?) uden oprindelseslandets samtykke.

28. »Det (efterretningssamarbejde, red.) er en nedarvet tradition, som baserer sig på tillid, og hvis den tillid bliver brudt, mister man muligheden for at få informationer,« sagde Finn Borch Andersen i retten og uddybede, at det i sidste ende kunne betyde, at PET ikke længere ville modtage efterretninger gennem andre tjenester.

29. FBI Steals Treasure Hunters’ Civil War Gold Worth up to $250 million. Article by Mac Slavo.

>>>To 22.-29.: As I have touched upon already five years ago (link), the global caste of ‘consolidated’ Secret Police/Secret Services have become an agressive entity, in its own right, that is – quite simply – reaching for global power.

A few additional observations:

29.1. (10.Okt.2018) Tonite had clairvoyant vision of my book storeroom being burglarized. The front door kicked in. Saw 2 men, one with earphones and large green cap/beret (military men?). The gang left Denmark for Ukraine on 3 flights + one fast driving car. Did Mossad panic on account of me telling abt. bugged photo shop?

29.2. (10.Okt.2018) Yesterday I told friendly photo-dealer I suspected his shop was being bugged (by Mossad – former shop assistant perchance M-stooge?). This summer I have noted a certain response to what being said in the shop. Reason for installing bugs is most likely the Secret Police (PET) wants to know if I sell recently acquired things with a profit?

>>>Ad.29.2. No doubth the store is being surveilled by bugs placed in the shop. I’ve learned this from noting certain effects to what was talked about in there.

The reason for the embassy having ordered the bugs installed very probably is a burning desire from SKAT/PET/Mossad to catch me in buying a more or less expensive item in this generally friendly store and soon after to sell it with a profit?

Why is this desire so burning at these rouge agencies? Because (like I’ve touched upon already, link 1.) – they will then roll out all of their most brash and reckless abuse of power and instantly

– ransack my home, accusing me of trading illegally
– steal my cash and valuables,
– steal my keys to my safe deposit box, and steal the content, and perhaps most importantly
– steal my computer files, some of which might well be quite compromising for TPTB if brought to the attention of a wider audience (link 2 og 3).

When the Secret Police is illegally and maliciously harassing law abiding citicens it’s always very important to cheat or rob the targets of any financial assets so as to prevent them from hiring a lawyer.
That’s why a bug at my favourite photo dealer is deemed very, very desirable by these rouge power abusers?

Link 1. https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2018/06/09/le-marechal-soult-and-other-fatalities/

Link 2. http://www.gamleboeger.dk/2017/08/06/old-books-in-august/

Link 3. https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com/2016/05/18/smaating-og-bagateller-2/ )

30. Most Americans Don’t Know that the Federal Reserve Banks Are Private Corporations

31. Central and fractional-reserve banking has to be the greatest system of theft and plunder ever devised by mankind. It is evil to its very core.

32. In order for the bankers to establish what they call their “New World Order,” they need chaos to tenderize the masses, but they also have to be seen as saviors that deserve to be in a position of authority over the global economy.

33. What mainstream economists don’t seem to grasp is that central banks and international banks are ALWAYS positioned to benefit from the crash of the bubbles they create. It is the reason why they inflated the bubbles from the very beginning

34. Central banks are not afraid to allow markets to plummet, they WANT markets to plummet. The banks simply want to be sure they are set up for optimum benefit when the system does crash.

>>>To 20.-34.: Se also

35. High-Ranking Retired General Leonid Ivashov: The Pro-Israeli Lobby Permeates All The Administrative Structures Of The Russian Federation; Russia’s Sovereignty Is At Stake

>>>The power-structure of Russia may often appear somewhat hazy for outsiders?

36. Maskeret mand slæbte pige henad fortov
Mand med maske forsøgte angiveligt at bortføre pige fra 4. klasse på Lystrup Skole ved Aarhus – massive undersøgelser fra Østjyllands Politi har endnu ikke ledt til nogen spor af manden

>>>Kidnappings (of children) are perhaps much more ubiquitous than most people think. Here a few impressions by myself (on twitter):

(27Feb2018) At abt. 3 AM had clairvoyant vision of small girl held captive in crate, and scared witless. I guess the SecretPolice/Intel.Services would like to #kidnap my nephews kids? I wonder if to be locked-up in suspected Mossad-safe-house in the near vicinity?

(15.May.2018) Have just been told that suspected Mossad safe-house in our neighbourhood has recently had sound-proof room installed. Ideal for confining and torturing #kidnapped: A Mossad specialty?

More here

37. Seven Ways Hackers Can Steal Your Keyless Car in Seconds.
And owners of high-risk vehicles could see insurance costs spiral

38. Department of Defense weapons systems can ‘easily be hacked’ with many using default passwords allowing testers to take complete control of them ‘within seconds’, shocking report warns

>>>To 37, 38: Electronic locks are seriously problematic for their owners! They are not secure at all and may in fact be turned against you (as in locking you out from your car or house)!

39. Pope Francis compares having abortion to ‘hiring a hit man’.
‘Is it right to ‘take out’ a human life to solve a problem? Pope asks

Note 1.

The critical blog aanirfan.blogspot.com, writing since 2004, has been removed (deleted?) from Blogger (a Google company) a few days ago. Most observers probably think the actual reason was the last entry, that dealt with a woman authors book critical of the main-stream holocust story.

But probably this would not be the real reason. You see – the global TPTB have no qualms whatsoever with being flagged as evil. Thas is merely some sort of an ideal for them, I’m afraid?

However they certainly cannot bear and tolerate being flagged as fools – which is, perhaps, what the CERN/LHC conundrum may unequivocally have proven them to be?

It’s a somewhat complicated story, ofcourse, but the gist of the matter is, that you will be unable to understand and navigate the dangers of the universe without a keen sense of morals. And that means, not without a functioning right half-brain.

The urgent problem for the TPTB with the aanirfan blog was most likely, that the blog on April 19, 2017 published my above comment with the exposee on and by Louis Sancho. And only several months later it was announced that the LHC was to be shut down ‘for 10 years’.

You have to have in mind, ofcourse, that both my blogs and certainly the aanirfan blog have been read by the top power brokers of the world. And they couldn’t see the light?

But now today’s main dish, – a few more 75-cent books:

1. POLITISKE AFHANDLINGER. Af D-d (D.G.Monrad), fra 1.December 1869 til 30. November 1870. København, 1870, A.F.Høst, 464 p. Bound in half calf.

Fra Dansk Biografisk Haandleksikon (1920) (udtog):

Ditlev Gothard Monrad (1811-87), biskop, politiker. Mest helstatsmand og ‘er overhovedet Junigrundlovens fader’. Departementschef og direktør i Kultusministeriet. Minister, Konsejlspræsident.

‘Han gjorde i disse stillinger et enestående sagligt og parlamentarisk arbejde, hans veltalenhed, uhyre arbejdskraft og evne til personlig paavirkning stillede ham øverst blandt lederne.

‘Hans vaaben var en storslaaet, patetisk og ætsende veltalenhed, dybere og mørkere end Lehmanns, og en hensynsløs energi…’

Medarbejder/redaktør efterhånden ved Fædrelandet, Dansk Folkeblad og Berlingste Tidende. Det er artikler fra sidstnævnte blad, der er samlet i ovennævnte bog.

I think this small book is quite uncommon, as not to be found on http://www.antikvariat.net.

2. CARL GEORG ANDRÆ. En Biografisk Fremstilling – Med bidrag til belysning af hans samtidige. Af Poul Andræ. 3 vols. København 1897, 1909, 1911. Gyldendal, 319 + 196 + 263 p. Bound in half calf.

Fra Dansk Biografisk Haandleksikon (1920) hidsættes (i udtog):

C.C.G.Andræ (1812-93), matematiker, politiker. Direktør for Gradmålingen (Geodætisk Institut) 1853-84. En ‘overordentlig klar og skarp matematisk begavelse.’ Hans værk ‘Den Danske Gradmaaling’ (4 bd, 1867-84) staar i den teoretiske Geodæsi som epokegørende.

Han kom ind i politik 1848 som kongevalgt medlem af den grundlovgivende rigsforsamling. Bondevennerne satte ham i Folketinget 1849, formand til 1852. Har stor fortjeneste af skabelsen af en parlamentarisk tradition. Finansminister, Konsejlspræsident, Helstatsmand. Opfandt det første forholdstalsvalgsystem (1855).

Andræ var en i mange henseender overlegen personlighed. Han dømte altid klart og nøgternt, og tiden har på mange punkter vist, at han dømte rigtigt. Men havde ‘teoretikerens ulyst til at tage ansvaret’.

I forordet til bind 3 hedder det: ‘Med det foreliggende tredie bind afslutter jeg min biografi om Andræ med dertil knyttede ‘Bidrag til belysning af hans samtidige… ‘
Men der synes dog at være kommet et bind 4 senere.

In a recent blog update
I touched upon the Nordic peoples’ apparent disdain for their forefathers. Here is a curious statement of Mr. Andræ’s that seems to second that view:

Fra bd. 1, s.7: ‘Men Andræ afviste altid saadanne spørgsmaal: “Nej, der har saamænd ikke været nogen af betydning blandt dem, det jeg veed af”; – “moi, je suis mon ancêtre”, kunde han spøgende tilføie og yttre sig ret tilfreds ved ikke at kjende nærmere til den fædrene familie.’

3. DET SYTTENDE OG ATTENDE AARHUNDREDE. Af J.A.Fridericia, København 1910-11, Erslevs Forlag, 590 p., half calf.

4. HISTOIRE DE LA RÉVOLUTION FRANCAISE. Par M. Louis Blanc. Vol. 1 + 2. Bruxelles 1847-48, Meline, Cans et Co., 516 + 426 p. Half calf.

5. OPTEGNELSER FRA ET OPHOLD I FRANKRIG FRA 1815-18. Af Feltpræst Kristoffer Nyholms efterladte papirer. Udg. af C.V.Nyholm. København, 1897, Gad, 172 p, half calf.

This slim volume is a seemingly quite rare specimen of memoires from the Danish military corps dispatched to France after the fall of Napoleon I.

My great-great grandfather was there as a 24 year old soldier, confirmed by the following piece from a Danish local paper:

De første linjer af en kort nekrolog om min tipoldefar i Thisted Amts Avis fra 26. april 1875:

“Den 19de dennes døde i Lund, Lild sogn, aftægtsmand Otte Andersen i en alder af 84 år. Den afdøde var med på toget til Frankrig i 1815, da Napoleon var styrtet og Frederik den 6te havde sluttet sig til de allierede….”

Se also

6. FRANKRIG UNDER RESTAURATIONEN. Efter de interessanteste og bedste skrifter og andre hjælpekilder – af Fr. Klee. København, 1860, Berlingske Bogtr. – Stenderup. 459 p. Half calf.

7. GEORG BRANDES’ LÆREÅR. Læsning – Ideer – Smag – Kritik, 1857-1872. København, 1955, Gyldendal. 473 p. Soft cover.

8. THE BOOK OF INSULTS – ANCIENT & MODERN. By Nancy McPhee. NewYork/London, 1978, Paddington Press, 160 p, Soft cover.

(Posted 20.Oct.2018/Last update 17.Nov.2018)

Crossposted on http://www.gamleboeger.dk and https://blocnotesimma.wordpress.com

Tweets on http://www.twitter.com/gamleboeger

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